DJ BoBo - Circus

The first thing the audience usually does right after a DJ BoBo concert is to wish the next tour were just around the corner. In 2014, this wish will be fulfilled. DJ BoBo will set out to conquer arenas all over Germany and Switzerland, playing 25 concerts between end of April and end of May 2014.

Do not miss this highlight of the 2014 concert season: DJ BoBo and his crew take the big top on tour, turning every venue into a giant circus ring. This will be yet another landmark: two hours full of DJ BoBo hits and artistic highlights, together with an unbelievably gigantic stage, guarantee tons of fun from the first to very last minute of the show. DJ BoBo adds another chapter to his impressive success story by combining a spectacular stage construction with state-of-the-art video mapping.

DJ BoBo’s Circus turns artistic performances into inspiring displays of breath-taking human skills. The dance crew puts the cherry on top with its energetic, impressive routines. The entire show is based on the arc of suspense between quiet, poetic  moments and breakneck masterpieces that capture the audience struck with awe. The live band bridges the gap between numerous DJ BoBo hits from the past and songs from the latest album. 

Fancy, fascinating costumes finally complete the feeling of being taken away, far off to a magic country.

The world premier of Circus will take place in November 2013 at Europapark in Rust/Germany.



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