Vers 1:
We can fly so high and see the light shining
In the darkest sky we paint silver linings
Colour up your hearts
Cause that’s the part where it all starts
We keep pushing on, the chances we’re taking
And growing strong through decisions we’re making
If we’re falling down
We get back up where we belong
And if the world turns upside down
We know there’s always hope around
Behind the clouds the sun will always shine
Like a million fireflies
We can light the darkest sky’s
We can sail on oceans made of fire, ohohoh
We can keep our dreams alive
And we let the love survive
United we can rise like fireflies, ohohoh
Vers 2:
We believe in life and write our own story
If love survives, we reach all the glory
For tomorrows day
We need to push the clouds away
If we keep on up, and never stop trying
Build a better world to save truth from dying
With a simple spark
We send a message through the dark