Un Ultimo Baile

Vers 1:
The night is young and we’re ready to go
Having fun at the beach you know
Summer feeling is in the air
Reggae dancing everywhere
In the glow of the evening light
I’ve seen your smile and it shined so bright
Now I couldn’t get you out of my head
Your lovely face and lips so red

Take my heart, take my soul
Take my everything before you go
So give me one more song
And we can share the last dance

Un ultimo baile antes de yo irme
Un ultimo baile para que no olvides
Un ultimo baile para que no digas
Que yo te olvidé

Vers 2:
And now we dance to the beat of the drum
The moon was shining all night long    
Your scent got me lifted so high
A 1000 butterflies are ready to fly
You are the only one I wanna touch
I never knew I could feel so much
My heart is rising when your hands are on mine
Only this moment here in time

lleva te el ritmo de mi corazon