Produced by René Baumann & Axel BreitungMusic Composed and Lyrics Written by René Baumann, Axel BreitungChorus:Legends never come undoneThe last vampireLiving and forever young The last vampire

Chorus B:
You're never gonna see the light 
You're a creature of the night
You will live eternally
The last vampire

Verse 1:
Welcome, to a secret world
My gift is a thousand years 
My precious, you'll be forever mine
You don't have to drown in tears

Bridge 1:
I'm left to be the only one
I'll never gonna see the sun
I'm living in the dark, believe me
You are my destiny, you're my obsession

Verse 2:
Surrender and I will show you life
So mystical and bizarre
A world where there's no time and space
A vampire's what you are

Bridge 2:
I want you to enjoy the ride
I'm strong as the rising tide 
Temptation fills my venes with passion
You are my destiny, you're my obsession