DJ BoBo & Kim Wilde “I Believe”


I believe in visions 

I believe in love

I believe in magic, but this is not enough

I believe in freedom 

I believe in dreams

I believe in heroes, but this is not enough

Vers 1:

I believe all you give, you get returned

I believe in knowledge I can learn

I believe in my dreams, never stop

Live is to precious we can’t give up ohohohoho

Bridge 1:

I’m afraid we miss the chance, ooooooh

We’re losing our innocence, oooooh

The future in our hands, 


Vers 2:

I believe there is more, than wrong or right

I believe in colours there’s no black or white

I believe you don’t know, what you’ve got

Until you lose it we can’t give up ohohohoho

Bridge 2:

Raise your voice, don't run away, ooooooh

Believe in freedom everyday, ooooooh

All together is the way,