2013 There Is A Party


There’s a party, don’t you know today

There is a party

Open up your heart we gonna start it

Welcome at the beach this is for you

Just for you

Chorus B:

Whoa oh oh oh oh, there is a party

The floor is on fire

Let’s get tonight and have a party

Whoa oh oh oh oh, here we start it

We gonna make it riot

Cause we doing it right, so now you know

Rap 1:

Party everyday,

We go La, to St. Tropez

Yes you can find us on the floor

You know we bout to get it on

D, DJ BoBo in the place

And I’ll be turning up the bass

Hey girl you got a pretty face

That’s right, let’s turn it up, t turn it up

Rap 2:

All around the world

We keep it rocki’n to the earl

So throw your hands up in the air 

And let me hear you over there

C can you feel it in your bones, 

Right here you’lle never be alone

Just let the music take control

Lean back and let your body go