Produced by Rene Baumann & Axel Breitung
Mixed & Arranged by: Rene Baumann and Axel Breitung at Bishop Studios Hamburg
Recorded at Bishop Studios Hamburg
Vocals & Choirs & Adlibs: Kimia Fonkam, Anthony Moriah

Vampires are alive 
The legends have to survive 
We'll never come undone 
And we will be forever young

Vampires get alive

Verse 1:
I am a vampire I'm a slave 
A slave to the daylight, hence my grave 
In the darkness, in the shadows 
Here I am 
I want you to be forever mine 
Together until the end of time 
Like a nightmare, neverending 
Let me change your world

Chorus B:
Vampires are alive 
And we will be forever young 
Vampires are alive 
And we will be forever young

Verse 2:
Tonight is the night, live a thousand years 
Don't be scared, don't drown in tears 
Free your spirit, after midnight 
Sell your soul 
From heaven to hell enjoy the ride 
You're here to surrender, with your life 
Precious victims, my desire 
Live eternally