Up close with DJ BoBo

Name Baumann
Firstname: René
Nickname: BoBo
Birthday: 5. Januar 1968
Place of Birth: Kölliken (Schweiz)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Height: 173 cm
Family status: married to Nancy, 1 son Jamiro (8.10.02),1 daughter Kayley (29.09.06
Hobbies: Soccer, hockey, badminton, tennis
Favorite music: Queen, Phil Collins, Backstreet Boys



The best of 30 years is presented in the context of a brilliant show, as it has never been seen from him. DJ BoBo has come up with something very special for the anniversary and conjures up not one, but three spectacular stages in the large concert arenas. A show of superlatives, unique costumes, breathtaking choreographies supported by impressive video effects and a gigantic light show! With EVOLUT30N, fans can expect an unforgettable interactive live experience. Because no matter where the audience is sitting, they will experience the show up close.


DJ BoBo has set a new audience record with the tour in the 27th year of his career. Around 175,000 fans came to 22 cities in Germany and Switzerland. The tour was thus more successful than all his previous shows as well as the anniversary tour two years ago. DJ BoBo, who has received numerous sold-out awards over the past few weeks, was overjoyed: "All the preparation and effort in the run-up has paid off. This was one of the best shows we have ever put on. Everything was just right. The stage, the crew in front of and behind the scenes. It was always impressive every night to see the enthusiasm with which people met us. I myself just enjoyed every show."

Mystorial Tour 2017

2017 will be the year of DJ BoBo 25. Stage-Anniversary, celebrating with a fantasticMYSTORIAL Show. This worldtour will be visiting several countrys in North- and Easteurope,Southamerica, Germany, Switzerland , Austria and the tour will be starting in January 2017 with24 concerts in Germany alone.

DJ BoBo is looking forward to his very special jubilee-tour: „Who would have ever tought, thatpeople are being loyal to me and my music for so many years. For this celebration-tour wehave a lot of specials to present. With MYSTORIAL the visitors will be part of a fascinating and exciting journey in time, which will stay in our memories forever.“

And whosaw DJ BoBo live before, knows how magnificent and amusing his shows are, filled with lot`sof surprises, a spectacle for everybody as well as the whole family. Next to his new songs, ofcourse he will be playing all of his hits…we all know them, and they are still as exciting andsparkling as ever.

The BILD-newspaper wrote about his last tour: „DJ BoBo is reinventing himself everytime from scratch. DJ BoBo is a phenomenon!“ And it will be exactly like this again!In 25 years DJ BoBo developed not only to one of the most well-known swiss persons, but toone of the most international successful musicians of the last decades. More then 15 millionsold sound carriers, more then 250 Gold- and Platinum-awards, uncountable prizes and morethen 5 million visitors at his live-concerts– the friendly and likeable star is looking back to a realimpressing career and he is looking for more to come.

Welcome To My Crazy Circus

A giant clown, spectacular video-, light- and pyro-effects, a perfectly choreographed dance show, impressive acrobats, an excellently orchestrated band including guest star Jesse Ritch, and of course lots of DJ BoBo – this is the recipe for the Swiss megastar’s latest sensation. Welcome to what might very well be the craziest circus on this planet!

From April 2014 on, Europe’s concert venues will be visited by an unheard of spectacle. With the pre-premiere of his latest show Circus, DJ BoBo reveals what he and his team have been working on for many months. The breathtakingly big stage turns out to be a giant clown which transforms the venue into a highly entertaining circus ring – with high-tech background: state-of-the-art lighting and video mapping magically allow DJ BoBo to even talk to the clown ... or challenge projections of himself for a dance battle!

Ringmaster DJ BoBo takes his fans on a fantastic journey. While the dance crew appears in constantly changing roles and costumes, five daredevil acrobats create trapeze-like moments that capture the audience struck in awe. However, the show is not only carried by these action-packed elements, it rather is based on several meticulously planned changes of pace in which the band plays a key role. In one remarkable sequence, DJ BoBo and his musicians create the intimate atmosphere of a club concert, cruising through the history of pop music.

It has become a much-loved tradition for BoBo to include his audience from the very beginning of the show – not only by direct interaction, but also by the well-balanced choice of songs. BoBo finds the perfect mixture of new, fresh hits and all-time classics, sometimes in well-known, sometimes in brand-new versions. He demonstrates in impressive fashion what technical innovations and years of experience rocking stages around the world combine for: perfect entertainment that keeps the audience on their feet from beginning to end!

DJ BoBo Dancing Las Vegas - Tour 2012

This man is always able to top himself: DJ BoBo. For his 20 year-stage-anniversary in 2012 he is going on tour showing his brandnew "Dancing Las Vegas" show. This tour will be even more spectacular, even larger, even more glamorous and it will offer a lot more entertainment.

DJ BoBo is wellknown for terrific shows and stagedesign, spectacular dancechoreographies and stunning costumes. He already thrilled more then four millions of people around the world. And with 10 World-Music-Awards DJ BoBo is the most successful swiss artist of all times.

Once again the largest concerthalls will be turned into huge partytemples showing the new "Dancing Las Vegas" tour. New songs and countless worldhits of DJ BoBo will thrill the audience one more time from the first minute on. An unforgetable evening for the audience, because DJ BoBo is the man for huge entertainment.

Higher, Faster, Further, DJ BoBo

This is the slogan for the new „Fantasy" show 2010.

A giant, as high as a five-storied building will be the new stageset and therefore the center of this spectacular show.

A dynamic production, a powerful performance, as well as the most modern special-effects and very complex light-technique will set a new benchmark in the music-entertainment

Enchanting costumes, new songs of the upcoming album (release on January 29, 2010 ), as well as 20 DJ BoBo hits will make "Fantasy" to a spectacular top-class experience.

"Fantasy" is making a long harbored dream come true for DJ BoBo: „I`m so looking forward to this sensational stageset and all the talented artists, dancers and musicians coming on tour with me. Welcome to my fantasy!"


A huge live open air concert is about to happen: August 1, 2009 in Engelberg ( Switzerland ), themed "DJ BoBo & Friends"!

Celebrate with us!

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) launched together with DJ BoBo a schoolcontest to fight hunger: thanks to „FreeRice" the WFP was able to help more then 2,3 millions of starving people in the world.

This new internet-tool was made to play a quiz helping starving people. With every right answer in the multiple- choice-test players make a sponsor donate 20 rice grains for needy persons in developing countries. At the same time children as well as adults can upgrade their knowledge in languages like english, french, german and spanish by playing this quiz. Even mathematics, chemical symbols , works of art and the capital cities are part of the questions.

Schools and different schoolgrades all over the world can take part in this contest, because the questions are conditioned by age.

DJ BoBo, since 2006 WFP- ambassador fighting hunger, is supporting FreeRice- Schoolcontest by heart : „FreeRice is a great tool for kids to learn something and at the same time to help the poor in the world".

Vampires Are Alive

A national jury consisting of responsible persons of SF, TSR, TSI and VIVA Switzerland elected DJ BoBo to represent switzerland at the «Eurovision Song Contest 2007». Essential for DJ BoBos candidature was according to himself the overwhelming positive echo from the population. The song «Vampires Are Alive» was the contribution for switzerland in Finland. However DJ BoBo didn`t qualify for the final. The «Eurovision Song Contest» took place in Helsinki may 10-12, 2007. „Vampires Are Alive" therefore was the forerunner for the upcoming DJ BoBo «Vampires Alive-Tour 2008», where europes city were celebrating DJ BoBo day by day.

The Vampires Alive-Tour

The world premiere of the tour on april 30, 2008 in Oberhausen (König Pilsener Arena) Germany was overwhelming and beyond all expectations. DJ BoBo enthused the public with his thrilling, complex and breathtaking show „Vampires Alive".

The swiss entertainer presented a fantastic mix of his biggest hits as well as songs from his album „Vampires".

The terriffic audience (9'000 persons) in the sold out König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen rewarded the DJ BoBo Show with smashing applause .
12 dancers, 9 artists, 6 musicians and 3 singers were on stage performing this outstanding DJ BoBo concert . At one point DJ BoBo were playing a flying piano rotating in the air with special effects. The costumes were especially made for this show, leaving a big impression.

Vampires Alive -  The Facts

- 3 month of building structure work for the stage ( a total of 4 levels)
- 5 hours of hair-and make up time for the maincrew every day 
- 7 semi trailer trucks for the transport of the material 
- 10 kilometer of audio, light - and video-kabel above ground
- 25 songs performed every day
- 30 technicians working behind the curtain 
- 30 metres wide, 14 metres high and 12 metres deep stage 
- 50 tons of material
- 50 cans of color-and hairspray
- 60 input-channels with the digital mixing-console Digico D5 Live
- 60 costumes 
- 125 travelling members of staff for the overall organisation 
- 200 spot-and moving lights installed every day



10 years DJ Bobo!!! Celebration

Like no other song this one hits the bull`s eye of DJ BoBo`s career.
The swiss superstar gave the song a modern instrumentation and so a pop-song-revival for the first single of the album 2002 "DJ BoBo - Celebration" (release: 15th of April 2002). He didn`t want a simple collection of greatest hits so he said "I want to make something special". DJ BoBo did so, he recorded duets with No Angels "Where Is Your Love", Melanie Thornton "Love Of My Life", Emilia "Everybody", Irene Cara "What A Feeling", ATC "Together", Tone "Lonely For You" and the swiss phenomenon Gölä "Tell Me Why". This album is a new demonstration: DJ BoBo dominates the charts and the showstages. He was celebrating with a big anniversary tv-show in april 2002 in the arena Oberhausen (germany) his 10-years successful in the music-business "DJ BoBo - Celebration - The 10th anniversary show". The producer, songwriter, singer and dancer created a unique stage show for this event!

On the 8th of October DJ BoBo`s son Jamiro was born "My family is the most important thing in my life now" he says proudly. For his son and his wife Nancy he wrote the song "Do You Remember",
DJ BoBo`s having a very emotional relation to this song because he wrote the song during the pregnancy of Nancy and one of the lines says "Welcome to this world my son….so if Jamiro wouldn`t have been a boy, I would have had to go back to the studio to record this line again" he says and laughs. His family is with him on the "Visions-Tour 2003 and Nancy is back on stage after her parental leave. No question: 2003 is another DJ BoBo year - to know that you need no visions….

In February 2003 was the release of DJ BoBo`s ninth album "Visions". "It was very important for me to do something new and different". So there is a new side to DJ BoBo`s music, not only the dance-sound, there are more accustic elements on this album now. Songs like "Angel" and "Do You Remember" where guitars come to the fore. But one thing didn`t change: DJ BoBo and Axel Breitung ("best producer of 2001"- echo award) are a great musical couple, so ten of the 14 songs were written and produced by the two of them.

End of march 2003 DJ BoBo took his fans on a journey in time, the "Visions"- Tour. "This is a complete new show with 16 members on stage, singers, dancers and a band. The people are travelling with us to an acherontic and eerely azteka-temple, then to a "Cartoon-World" like Roger Rabbit and then we are travelling to a "Future Western-Saloon"!" 80 costumes, 16 singers, dancers and musicians, Special Effects (light & pyrotechnique) which were designed especially for this show, 120 tons of material in 7 trucks… all that is Visions.

The success of Chihuahua!!!! It all started with a enquiry of Coca-Cola spain, they were looking for an artist to produce a special song for their new campaign. The condition was, it had to be done in 10 days and it should be a mambo: a case for DJ BoBo and Axel Breitung! So there it was: the single "Chihuahua" and within a couple of weeks it was the no.1 in the spanish charts!
End of march it was released in france and it entered the french charts at no.12, shortly afterwards it was no.1 in the official french top 100-charts and now it is "the summer hit of the year!
Most european and also southamerican countrys are following with this huge success…

With the success of Chihuahua the demand for a summer album got bigger and bigger so DJ BoBo compiled a special summer- and party album including hits from "Everybody" till "Chihuahua".
So here it is "DJ BoBo - Chihuahua - The Album - Special Summer Edition"!
Kayley is born!
2006: a worldpremiere of a new dream-team in the international popmusic - buisness: DJ BoBo and Sandra, the mega-icon of the Eighties, met in the studio for
DJ BoBo's single „Secrets Of Love". A wonderful dancetrack and the two of them floating above the beats. A song, continuing the duet-tradition of the pop-history with a unexpected emotion. The video-clip of this song was filmed in „Disneyresort Paris".

DJ BoBo about the liaison with Sandra: "I`m very proud to record the first duet of Sandra. She is a hard working artist with a lot of sensitiveness and emotions. I was really fascinated of our team-work in the recording studio". Sandra about the liaison with DJ BoBo: "We`ve met at the "World Music Awards" in Monte Carlo and I always followed DJ BoBo`s career up till then ! And when he asked me to record this duet for his "Greatest Hits" album I didn`t hesitate for a minute.

After 14 years of success finally it was time for the first official „Greatest Hits"- album. A wonderful evidence of the continuous music development of DJ BoBo, speaking from „Eurodance" to „Dance Pop" and he is still part of the bigplayers in the music buisness. Three fantastic songs: the 27. single "Secrets Of Love", the wellmade cover of "Games People Play" and also the beautiful ballad "Feels Like Heaven". All together 20 songs diversified compiled and not in chronical order. DJ BoBo invited all his fans for a free 1st of august concert in Engelberg/Switzerland saying „thank you for the loyalty of all these years" (tickets were embodied in every "Greatest Hits"-CD). For this show a Open Air center-stage was built in the form of a swiss cross in the middle of the mountains. All of the 10'000 people in the audience were asked to attend to this concert in a red top, so there was a «gigantic, never seen before » stage setting. This show was the largest Engelberg- event ever.

Kayley is born! Nancy & René Baumann proudly announce the birth of their daughter Kayley -Nancy born on friday 29 of september, 2006 at 6.38 pm! 49cm / 3.2 kilo
In October 2006 DJ BoBo joined the World Food Program of the United Nations (WFP) being a national ambassador fighting hunger in the world. DJ BoBo is the first swiss celebrity joining WFP. Different stars of other nations such as the brasilian footballplayer Ronaldinho, the female singer Cesaria Evora from the Cape Verde Islands and the kenian marathon -worldrecord holder Paul Tergat are also supporting the activities of WFP.

DJ BoBo will use his high profile to fight against hunger and to sensitize the public opinion in this issue especially the fight against hunger of the kids in this world. WFP is the world`s largest food aid agency. Every year WFP is reaching about 100 million people, therefrom about 60 million children, in more then 80 countrys.

"Planet Colors" - Die Show!!!

Innerhalb von 7 Monaten komponierten, texteten und produzierten DJ BoBo und Axel Breitung das Album "Planet Colors" (2001). Jeder Song steht für eine neue Farbe und reflektiert in atemberaubender Mannigfaltigkeit die Verschiedenheit der Gefühle. U.a. mit einem "Lieblingstitel aus meiner Jugend" dem Song "What A Feeling" als Duett mit Irene Cara.

DJ BoBo zeigte auf seiner sechsten Europa-Tour, warum er als Megastar gefeiert und als Mensch geliebt wird. Eine Hightech-Inszenierung ein farbenfrohes Fest der Sinne erwartete den Besucher.

Im Oktober 1999 entstand das Album "Level 6", welches unmittelbar nach Veröffentlichung auf Platz 1 der Schweizer Hitparade raste und mit Platin (Schweiz) und Gold (Deutschland) ausgezeichnet wurde.

Schon während der "World In Motion" Tour machten sich DJ BoBo & seine Crew Gedanken und schmiedeten neue Pläne für die Magic - Show. Die Bühne, welche sich auf wundersame Weise in die unterschiedlichsten Schauplätze verwandelte, war ein Bauwerk mit magischen Ausmaßen.

"Special Guest" der Michael Jackson History TOUR 1996

Als Special Guest der Michael Jackson "History" Tour konnten DJ BoBo & Crew bei den Konzerten in Prag, Budapest, Bukarest, Moskau und Warschau ihr Können unter Beweis stellen. Für DJ BoBo ging ein Kindheitstraum in Erfüllung. Gleichzeitig jedoch bedeutete dies eine sehr hektische Zeit für die ganze Crew, da diese Konzerte bereits schon parallel zum Auftakt der DJ BoBo 'World In Motion' Europa Tour (27 Konzerte in den grössten Hallen Europas) liefen. Special Guest im Vorprogramm von DJ BoBo war "N Sync" mit Justin Timberlake!

Mit dem Release des Albums "World In Motion" Ende September '96 brach er alle bisherigen Rekorde.

Im März '96 startete er zur "Love Is The Price" Tour. Special Guest im Vorprogramm waren die noch unbekannten "Backstreet Boys"!
Mit "Freedom" wurde in Deutschland eine weitere Single-Auskopplung von DJ BoBo mit Gold ausgezeichnet. Damit hat DJ BoBo als erster Act in Deutschland einen neuen Rekord erreicht, mit acht goldenen Schallplatten in Folge.

Im Herbst 1994 erschien das zweite Album "There Is A Party"!

Den Sommerhit `94 landete DJ BoBo mit der Single "Everybody" - diese kam auf Platz 2 der deutschen Single-Charts, hielt sich dort viele Wochen und wurde mit Platin für über 500.000 verkaufte Einheiten in Deutschland ausgezeichnet.

After having graduated from high school René Baumann decided to become a confectioner's and baker's apprentice (`84).
But at this time, the time of breakdance and electric boogie, he more and more felt his calling to music…
In '87 he reached the top 10 of the German "Disco Kings'" with his acrobatic dance style. In Switzerland he even won the Swiss Championship in showdancing.
In the year '85 DJ BoBo began his career as a DJ. Only one year after that he was runner-up in the Swiss DJ Championships.
He worked as a DJ at the discotheque Don Paco (Wohlen) and later, at the Hazyland (Luzern), he was able to pursue his interests and gather a lot of experience until he decided to produce his own record.
The first DJ BoBo single "I Love You" was created (at the end of '89). This was followed by the first DJ BoBo tour which led him through various Swiss discos.
After the two singles "Ladies In The House" ('91) and "Let's Groove On", there also was a second (clubs) and third (small arenas) DJ BoBo Swiss tour.
After this enormous success in his native country, he had his unforeshadowed breakthrough with the smash hit "Somebody Dance With Me": The song which was released in early November '92 hit number one in the Swiss Single Charts in March '93. DJ BoBo was the first artist to achieve this in the last 16 years. Being in the top 10 in many countries all over the world, his extraordinary success was rewarded with a Golden Record in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in Israel and Australia.
With his second hit "Keep On Dancing" (summer '93) DJ BoBo proved that he was not only a so called 'one hit wonder': the song was number one in Finland, top 10 in many other countries, and received gold in Germany (250.000 sold singles).
The long expected album "Dance With Me" was awarded a platinum record in Switzerland and remained in the charts all over Europe for quite a while. The single "Take Control" went gold in Germany and reached top positions in the charts of many countries.
In the summer of '94, DJ BoBo had a big hit with the single "Everybody" which climbed up to number 2 in the German Single Charts, stayed there for many weeks, and was awarded a platinum record for 500,000 sold units in Germany. In the fall of the same year the second album "There Is A Party" was released containing the smash hit "Let The Dream Come True" which, of course, reached gold, too. In January '95, "Love Is All Around" was released; it reached top 10 positions in many countries all over the world, and in Germany was awarded with the sixth Golden Record in a row!
Within the scope of his tour in South America, which took place in February and March, DJ BoBo earned great response from his fans. At the beginning of May '95, he was presented the World Music Award in Monaco for being the 'World's best selling Swiss Artist of the Year'.
The summer hit "There Is A Party" also went storming through the charts, accompanied by the fantastic video which was shot by the Miami Vice camera team.
In the summer of '95, DJ BoBo went on a tour which led him through most parts of Asia. Among other locations he also performed in the Olympic Stadium of Seoul. Then he did a promotion tour in Australia.
Later that year DJ BoBo traveled all over Europe (this time accompanied by 25 technicians with extremely fancy tour equipment), fascinating more than 400,000 spectators with his new live crew of eight people and a perfect choreography.
On 14th January, 1996, DJ BoBo introduced his first ballad "Love Is The Price" in Thomas Gottschalk's TV show 'Wetten Dass. . .'.
In March '96 he began his first tour in Switzerland with more than 40,000 people to enjoy ten concerts in ten days.
The "Backstreet Boys" were special guests on this tour!
"Freedom" was another DJ BoBo single to be awarded gold in Germany, which made him a record holder in Germany as he was the first artist in the field of 'Dance' Music who received eight Golden Records in a row.
In the summer of '96 DJ BoBo and his crew started the organization of the gigantic 'World In Motion' tour. This show, a glamorous and mixture between musical, concert and show topped all expectations. While DJ BoBo was still working on new songs (all in all 31 songs were composed; net working hours in the studio: 1054, without writing lyrics and composing), the preparations for the conception of the stage as well as the booking of the concert arenas was in full progress. For the video for "Pray" a stage was especially set up, and about 1000 fans were invited as audience.
On Michael Jackson's 'History tour' DJ BoBo and his crew were able to show their skills as support act at his concerts in Prague (160,000 people), Bucharest (35,000 people), Moscow (70,000 people) and Warsaw (70,000 people). For DJ BoBo a dream came true. However, at the same time this was a very busy period in everybody's lives as those concerts simultaneously took place with DJ BoBo's 'World In Motion' European tour (about 27 concerts in Europe's largest arenas). 'N SYNC were special guests on this tour!
With the release of the album "World In Motion" at the end of September '96 he broke all previous records. In only three weeks it achieved position three in Germany and was awarded Platinum for 500,000 sold units. In Switzerland it even leaped from 0 to 1 and was awarded Double-Platinum (100,000 sold records)!
Then he went on promotion tour in Asia for twenty days. What is certainly worth mentioning here, is his appearance in Guangzhou (China) as he was the first Western artist to perform there.
In March '97 DJ BoBo and his crew went on tour in South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia) for one month. With their performance on the biggest TV show in Brazil they reached more than 25 million people. Right after this the video for the single "It's My Life" was shot on one of the most beautiful islands in Venezuela. In April '97 DJ BoBo received his third World Music Award in Monaco for being the 'World's best selling Swiss Artist of the Year'.
On account of the enormous demand an additional tour of the "World In Motion" show was organized. One more time it led DJ BoBo and his crew to more than 20 arenas in Europe.
In July '97 the fourth single of the CD "Shadows Of The Night" (with the brilliant insertions of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra) was released. In September '97 a special winter edition of the CD "World In Motion" was made available containing the unreleased songs "Can You Hear Me" and the Queen remix of "Radio Gaga".
At the end of March '98, he released the long expected single "Where Is Your Love". For the first time now he was able to show his singing skills, too. The video, full of the latest technical gimmicks, was shot at an old castle in Germany. All in all (rehearsals and video shooting) it took four days to realize this video. At the end of April, finally, the so far most emotional and diligent CD of DJ BoBo was available: MAGIC!
The album which was equipped with a flashing red light on the cover (limited LED edition) broke every single record. Right after it was out in the stores it leaped right from zero to one in the Swiss Charts and remained there for more than four weeks. At the beginning of May DJ BoBo received the World Music Award for being the 'World's best selling Swiss Artist of the Year' for the fourth time.
Even while still on the 'World In Motion' tour, DJ BoBo and his crew began planning the new Magic show. The stage, which could miraculously be turned into various sceneries, was a construction of magic dimensions: 24 m in width, 14 m in length, an additional cat walk of 15 m with a 32 m² dancing area at its end.

As the Magic show's premiere was so successful in August '98, the 'life on tour' started again for DJ BoBo and his people. The gigantic show, a mixture between concert and magic, was performed in 35 concert arenas in Europe. All in all 250,000 people watched it! At the same time DJ BoBo released the third single of the Magic album: "Celebrate" (October '98).

In March '99 he surprised his fans with the CD www.djbobo.ch - The Ultimate Megamix.
Right after that DJ BoBo was rewarded with the World Music Award for being the 'World's best selling Swiss Artist of the Year' for the fifth time in a row.
Though DJ BoBo and his crew had already begun planning the upcoming show a long time ago, they went on the Magic open air tour in June '99 one more time, and performed the successful show again (five times).

In the meantime the album "Level 6" was created (October '99); immediately after its release it hit number one in the Swiss Charts and was awarded Platinum (Switzerland) and Gold (Germany). The pre-release "Together" reached top positions in the charts.
So far Mystasia "The Land Beyond Your Dreams", DJ BoBo's current show, has fascinated more than 110'000 people in than 19 concert arenas in Europe.
Simultaneously with the beginning of the new tour, the second single "Lies" was made available; it is, by the way, DJ BoBo's favorite track on the album "Level 6".
On a multi-storey main stage and a second stage the height of which can be alternated the audience is given the experience of a story in five settings with almost unbelievable pyros, two extraordinary earthlings, a rainbow spanning the world 'Mystasia', ten giant monsters and a mystically flying DJ BoBo.
It took one year and four months of intensive work to design and build this new dimension in the history of pop music (see also tour dates).
In spring 2000, DJ BoBo received the World Music Award once again. Being honored six times in a row is a unique record which surely will not be broken in the near future.
DJ BoBo and Axel composed, texted and produced the album "Planet Colors" within 7 months (release: 5th of February `2001). Each song is in for a color and reflects a breathtaking diversity of feelings. Among other songs "my favourite song from my younger days" the duet with Irene Cara "What A Feeling".  "Planet Colors" - The Show!!! On his sixth europe tour DJ BoBo shows why he`s being celebrated a megastar and loved a human being. DJ BoBo fascinated his visitors with a unbelievable stage show, lot`s of them said "I forgot about all my trouble". More then a million people were thrilled by the tours of the swiss man in europe. Planet Colors is gigantic ( 30 metres stagewidth, 12 dancers) with technical objects and top-class musical contents. A firework of music, pyrotechnics, spectecular dance-scenes and pure entertainment. Newest video and lightprojections, magic illusions and the hits of DJ BoBo making the viewer being a part of the show. The visitor is in the middle of a hightech-production and fascinated by the choreographies and the stagedesign as well as the costumes. This show is the ultimate spectacle to let your sences dance.