Rock My World

Written and Composed by N-Dee / Fact / Lio / Baumann / Breitung, 
©2003 Published by Manuskript / Syndicate Songs II / BMG Ufa / DJ BoBo Publishing / Bishop Songs

Rock my world
Welcome to my visions
Rock my world
We gonna have a party
Rock my world
Now it's time to start the show
So come on, rock my world

Chorus B:
Rock, rock my world
Rock, rock my world

So here we are, standing strong 
We've been inside the circus 
Took the pleasure and pain 
It's sometimes the same 
I feel the power
So let the music move you

Rap 1:
I'm back with my visions I know what to do 
Let's rock the world 'cause this ones for you
Clap, scream, freak out and jam
Jump to the rhythm, shake that thang
We gonna have a party so here we go
Now let's get lose are you ready for the show 
The countdown five, four, three, two, one 
Rock my world I mean everyone

Rap 2:
Today is the day and we're minutes away 
Turn the lights down low 'cause it's time to play 
Okay here and now we gonna rock to the rhythm
Rock to the groove and rock my world
Stand up we're about to start the show
Let's go with the flow in stere-ereo 
I hear you screaming my heartbeat is rising 
I give everything, let the party begin 

Let the music take control now 
Feel the passion of the night
This will be a night to remember
Here - now - we gonna have a party