Written and composed by Baumann / Peyer
1992 Published by Trend MV / Fresh-Roba MV

I want your body, can you feel it
I want your body, uh my baby

Rap 1:

Now get on up and do this dance
Move your body feel the trance
Feel the bass and start clappin' snappin'
Take a race with me, hear me rappin'
I wanna take ya, I wanna make ya
I wanna get this beat to shake ya
Burn the house down make some noise
Feel the rhythm you've got no choice

Rap 2:
It's show time, get up, get crazy
Let the dancefloor don't be lazy
The beat is pumpin', the crowd is jumpin'
They all are humpin' so what you're grumpin'
You know that the best things in life are free
But If you don't make sure that you get a receive
Like one, two lets get on the move
Back on a track I'm with the groove