Chorus: SandraLove is a passion and love will light the fireTake your emotions, believe in your dreamsWrapped in a mystery you are my desireShow me the secrets of love

Chorus B:
The secrets of love
The secrets of love

Vers 1: BoBo
Everlasting love I’m longing for
I need you by my side
Dazzling moments growing more and more
Every day and every night

Vers 1: Sandra
You are my everything
My shining star
My heart is in your hands

Vers 1: BoBoShow me where’s the way to paradiese,The way to reach your heart

Vers 2: BoBo
Your’re my guiding light in any place
Your love is all around
Oh, I close my eyes and see your face
Don’t let the sun go down

Vers 2: Sandra
My love is here to stay
You’re not alone
There’s nothing more we need
Vers 2: BoBo
I’m in heaven when you’re close to me
You’re the colour of my life

Midpart: BoBo
Life`s so empty without you
There is something about you
Hear the angel in heaven crying
Let me hold you with you I’m flying