Colors Of The World

Vers 1:
Some think the world needs super heroes

Some want to live like famous stars

Some have it all but most have zero

Some forget, why we’re here and who we are



We all have differences and struggles

However hard, however subtle

Lay down our lives for those we love

We need a friend when we’re in trouble

Many ways to help eachother

Just a hand, is all to be enough



With a little love, we hold on to tomorrow

With a little love, we can brighten up today

With a little love, we can paint a rainbow across the sky 

You and I, we’re the colors of the world


Chorus B:

Mambulee a mauaaa

Maniwee a salinaa


Mambulee a Mauaaa


Vers 2:
We share the air, we share the sunlight

One moon and all the 7 seas

Sunsets and rest our heads and dream at night

Every morning, there’s another chance to see