Vers 1:
Listen to the voice, calling through the night
I am bruised and scared searching for the light
Will I find it
Oh will I find it
Like a stranded man, at a lonely beach
Gazing at the stars, but they are out of reach
Under water
I’m under water
A million dreams are keeping me alive
KaleidoLuna help me to survive

Chorus 2x:
Together we can touch the sky
fly so high
Come with me, come with me
KaleidoLuna, KaleidoLuna

Vers 2:
Will I find my way, will I rise or drown
I am not afraid, no I won’t back down
Keep on fighting
I keep on fighting
Gonna break these chains, run against the storm
Now I’m free again and I feel reborn
I am living
Yes, I’m living

One million dreams and we’ve got them all
Now we’re rising up and we are standing tall
No ocean to deep, no mountain to high
We’re ready to fly