Don't Break My Heart

Written and Composed by Baumann / Breitung,
©1999 Published by Edition Capricorn / Trend MV / Bishop Songs

Don’t break my heart
Don’t leave me alone
I’m all on my own
I need you

Don’t break my heart
I want you to stay
You take my breath away
I love you

Rap 1:

So strong, like a current in me
So hard, wave needs the sea
My heart does beginn to race everytime
Let’s get free, Let’s get free
Light’s on, Light’s off
Everytime a play off
Unbelievable like a take off
Hear me what I need
Angel, just you and me

Verse 1:
Let me feel I’m the one
I’m alive since our love has begun
Let me feel that you’re really mine
Come on take some time
I want you for good

Rap 2:
So deep - Is my love to you
Like fire burns, I’d burn for you
Like water runs, I’d run for you
Even in my dreams, I couldn’t live without you
Hold me, take me, feel the way you shake me
Like a miracle, unbreak me
Hear me what I say,
Just you I’m diggin’ on you

Verse 2:
I’ll be there, hold you tight
I’ll be there, when you call me at night
You’re the one cause you make my day
For you I will pray, don’t let me down

And I am dreaming all the time
You’re true love will be mine
and I swear I’ll always be there
You are the sunshine in my life