Written and Composed by Baumann / Breitung,
©1999 Published by Edition Capricorn / Trend MV / Bishop Songs

Our love is indestructible
I’ll never let you down
Our love is indestructible
I’ll make your world go round

Refrain 2:
When you’re sad, when you’re down
When you cry I wanna bring back the sun
When you talk, when you smile
I just know you are the only one

Rap 1:

Your so precious - so perfect in my eyes
When I’m with you, time flies
Away - can you hear me what I say
Today is the day, don’t runaway
Come with me - and let me take you by the hand
Before I’ve got to go, try to understand
I’ll pray, everyday,
Our love, will never go away

Rap 2:
Let me tell you it’s true - heaven sent you to me
You’re my Queen of hearts, you’ re my destiny
L-o-v-e - you put a spell on me
One thousand degrees is the heat in my
Soul - you took my self-control
My mind is wild, rolling up and down the hill
Like a waterfall
My love is, indestructible

Rap 3:
Let me touch you, hold you, that’s all I wanna do
I’m electrified by you
Like thunder - and lightning is a mystery
Basically you took my breath - you’re my fantasy
True all I need is you
Everything you say will stay, today
Play the game of everlasting dreams like
In a movie scene !