Written and Composed by Baumann / Breitung,
©1998 Published by Edition Capricorn / Trend MV / Bishop Songs

First comes luxury, that’s all they see
How could I believe you
You can’t find the key without honesty
They want my money, they don’t care about me

Refrain B:
I trusted them, I helped them
They disappointed me
It’s hard to accept it
I feel this jealousy
How could you deceive me
Your life becomes a lie
Stop spreading all the rumours
I’m feeling abused

Vers 1:
Hard to find out who’s an honest friend
Trust in someone who you understand
I am tired of this jealousy
I walk this way on heaven’s road
Accept my destiny

Vers 2:
Another rumour’s going round and round
What a foolish answer I have found
You’re a liar without any shame
Everywhere they mess around,
They’re playing wicked games

Rap 1:
No more jealousy, insanity, eternally in memory
All for one, one for all, could be reality
I see, they want my money, they don’t care about me
Free is what I wanna be
Always think twice about the things you say or do
Cause one day the lie you believe, will become true
Stop spreading all the rumours, I told you a long time ago
But now - you’re a lier, you’re a lier

Rap 2:
Life is tough, so you gotta get tougher
Rough enough not like a toy, of joy and pain
You blamed my name, it’s a shame, life ain’t no game
Like truth or dare, I care, I swear
I was there, anytime, anyplace, anywhere,
I doubt how to heal an open wound, don’t turn around
Did you forget I was your friend, trust in someone and I found
Out - you’re a lier, you’re a lier