DJ BoBo “Get On Up”


Get on up and party all night long

We are gonna be forever young

Feel the beat and clap your hands all night

Keep on dancing ‚till the morning light

Chorus B:

Nananananana get up, nananananana don’t stop

Nananananana get up, nananananana don’t stop

Rap 1: 

I wanna get up, a get on up, a get get get on down

Come on shake that booty, shake that body let’s shake it to the sound

Slam, jam the big big bang, here comes the masterplan

I’m fresh and hot and I’m ready to rock, let me tell you that’s who I am

Bridge 1:

A new horizon is gonna light up the dark

You’re the star you will be shining

You’ve got the power for Igniting the spark

And tonight will be the time of your life

Rap 2: 

What a night, what a place got rhythm and bass, bass right in your face

Party people all over the place, check the groove from outta space

We’re to strong - a ringading dong, don’t stop dancing to this song

Now wave your hands up in the air, wave em like you just don’t care 

Bridge 2:

Come take my hand there will be nothing to fear

And knowbody’s gonna stop you

The floor is burning let’s get started right here