DJ BoBo “Good Time”


Baby, let’s get together, and have a good time, all night long

Baby, now and forever, we have a good time, good time 

All night long

Good time, good time, good time, let’s have a good time all night long

Uouoh, uouoh, uoh,, let’s have a good time all night long

Chorus B:

We’ve got it going on

Come on, let’s sing this song

We dance and have a

Good time all night long

Rap 1: 

Take a trip with a cab to the club

Gotta get my friends right here to the spot

One should strike while the iron’s hot

We gonna get, uuuuuh tonight

Girls on fire, oh my god

Gonna spend all the money I got

I know it’s crazy but I just can’t stop !

Bottles go, pop, pop, pop, pop, pow

Rap 2: 

Gonna have a good time all night long

Rocking the floor `til the crack of dawn

Ladies shaking their bootys so fine

Having a gooooood time

We go crazy, we go mad

Like the best time we ever had

Come on Mr. DJ play that sound

Everybody jump, jump, jump, jump around


Join the rhythm, groove on the dancefloor

The beat will drive you crazy

Everybody’s feeling the music

We’re dancing through the night