DJ BoBo “Love Will Lead The Way”


If there is an unending place

If there is a voice outer space

I will follow it through the dust, I miss you

I believe in this endless bound

And I’m reaching to higher ground

I will finally hear your voice, oh I miss you, 

Love will lead the way

Vers 1:

I’m feeling down and low and don’t know where to go

Your voice and touch feels million years ago

Tears are running down and you are gone

The walls are closing in they’re haunting me

So many questions, still ain’t got a key

Those emotions make me wanna drown

Vers 2:

I want to put my prayers on repeat

So I can bear the pounding pain so deep

Reaching out to find a small relief

My thoughts and feelings I just can’t define 

I wish that I could turn back the hands of time

I can hear your voice this is a sign


I see your smile, no need to cry, Like shooting stars up in the sky


I can sence your presence when I feel alone at night

So many moments laughing, walking by your side 

I can hear your voice and see you as a guiding light 

In the darkest night, love will lead the way