DJ BoBo “Never Stop Dreaming”


Never ever stop dreaming

Never ever stop to raise your voice

Never ever stop believing

Make a difference `cause you have a choice

Post chorus:

Never ever stop 

Never ever stop to raise your voice

Vers 1:

Can you imagine, to live without a dream

The earth`s so naked, not even shades of green

Can you imagine, our souls turn into stars

We better believe it, time will heal the scars

Vers 2:

Can you imagine, a world without a smile

Unhappy people, living in denial

Can you imagine, getting old with all your friends

And everybody walking hand in hand


Love – love, makes the world go round

Take me to the moon and back and to a higher ground

Life – life, ends where it all begins 

Guard it like a treasure, like a candle in the wind