DJ BoBo “Time Machine”


Wohohohoh we`re flying through the centuries

Wohohohoh the 90´s, 80´s, 70´s

Wohohohoh my timemachine brings you to anytime

Let‘s do it tonight

Wohohohoh we flying through the centuries

Wohohohoh from the future to the 20’s

Wohohohoh let´s take a ride on my new timemachine

Meet Michael, Elvis and James Dean

Vers 1:

Time is running out, burns down like a fire

I wish I could turn back the clock that´s all I desire

I wanna travel  through time and space

A journey all around the world and to another age


Take a seat, get close to the action

Follow me, to my science fiction

Count down ( 3,2,1 ) down to zero

Just believe, and we will be heroes

Vers 2:

The dream of all dreams, since human being

I wanna ride back to the future in my time machine

Here I am in 2050

I´m ready to take of right now, won´t you come with me