Written and Composed by Baumann / Breitung ©1996 Published by Edition Capricorn / Trend MV / Bishop SongsRefrain:It's my lifeI stand it all aloneAccept my way of livingI live it on my own

It's my life
I try to be so free
'cause freedom is the promise
Of my destiny
It's my life

Oho ohoho
I'm never gonna give it up
Oho ohoho
I never ever lose my aim
Oho ohoho
I'm never gonna give it up
Accept my way of living
It's my life

Verse 1:
I am dreaming in the sunshine 
I dream of all the people I talked to in my lifetime
Different cultures, different nations
Happy people, lucky people feeling my vibrations

They just told me all the reasons
I have to find my own way, don't change it like the season
It's my life, I live it on my own
Welcome to dangerzone

Verse 2:
Like my mother is holding my hand
Whenever I'm alone, music is my best friend
You're my passion, we're together
Music is my life I wanna live with you forever

There's no limit, celebration
Everybody come and dance, feel the fascination
Like a Rolling Stone into the microphone
I live it on my own