Produced by René Baumann & Axel Breitung
Music Composed by René Baumann, Axel Breitung, Donald Fact, Frank Lio
Lyrics Written by: René Baumann, Axel Breitung

Come on everybody let's celebrate, Olé
Raise the roof and sing, Olé Olé

Olé Olé
Everybody's dancing all night long
Olé Olé
Stop the celebration - sing this song
Olé Olé
We are dancing - in the street 
Let the rhythm move your feet

Verse 1:
Boom - come on now and join the action
Welcome to the games and come to the attraction
Come together - come together
Get up on your feet your time is now or never
Yeah - everybody's going crazy
Tonight's the night no time to get lazy
Shake your booty - shake your booty
Everybody sing

Bridge 1:
Here we go - come and dance with me
Here we go - now we are breaking free
Ready for the show and the party goes on
Here we go

Verse 2:
Boom - this is the latest fashion 
Welcome to the world of fantasy and passion
So delicious - so delicious
Life's a miracle so don't be superstitious
Yeah - the beat is getting stronger
Let's raise the roof we can't wait any longer
Light the fire - light the fire
Everybody sing

Bridge 2:
Here we go - feel the heat of the night
Here we go - ‘till the morning light
Ready for the show and the party goes on
Here we go

Come on everybody let's celebrate
Now come on everybody let's dance
All for one and one for all
We've got the power and take the chance
We gonna move to the rhythm, party people come on
We gonna move to the rhythm and jam
Shake your body, sha-shake your body
Olé Olé