A Syndicate Production By Stefan Schrupp And Achim Kleist www.syndicatemusic.de Instruments Played By Stefan Schrupp, Wolfgang Webenau And Achim Kleist DJ BoBo Vocals Recorded at Bishop Studios HamburgVocals & Choirs & Adlibs: Petra Bonmassar, Kimia Fonkam, Jasmina Hunzinger

Welcome to your final destination
Watch out cause we are dangerous

Verse 1:
Stand up, ready - set - go, 
We're crazy and we're in control
Look out, cause we don't play, 
So you better step out of our way,
We're strong, and we gonna prove,
We're the best and we'll make you move
Your chance, come on everybody let's dance

Watch out we are dangerous,
Are you ready for the madness we are dangerous
Everybody is a vampire we are dangerous
Are you ready for the heroes of the night

Post Chorus:
We are wild, we are strong and we, know we got the power 
We are mad, we are cool, we rule, we are dangerous tonight
We are young, we fight, we are dangerous tonight
Tonight, tonight, we are dangerous tonight

Verse 2:
Right here, pleasure and pain
Melt together let's feel the same
Right now, power to the vamps
Raise your voice here are the champs
Tonight, dreams come true
Take it now, this one's for you
We're young, now we gonna have some fun

Are you ready for the madness ?
Are you ready for the heroes of the night ?