Written and Composed by Baumann / Breitung
©1996 Published by Edition Capricorn / Trend MV / Bishop Songs

Let me feel the love of my lifetime
All that I am dreaming of
Stay with me and show me all your secrets
All that I am dreaming of

I cannot live
Cannot live without your love
I’m flying high
And I cannot get enough
Let me fell your love

A brandnew day, a brandnew show
Ready for soundcheck, here we go
We’re in a hurry, there is no time
I check the mic check-a-de-check the rhyme

A journalist of a magazine
Hey BoBo, tell me what’s your dream
Do you wanna be famous, do you wanna be rich
What you gonna do when someone queers your pitch

Light goes off, no more waiting
Fans are screaming, celebrating
The crowd is looking like a waving ocean
Now the beginning of ’World In Motion’

The stage is trembling, the vibes are okay
Time for the show, let the music play
Music I can’t get enough
So let me feel your love

Another night, another place
I feel the rhythm, feel the bass
Dancing, singing, my world is the stage
I feel like a lion leaving his cage

Happy people everywhere
Music’s hot so they don’t care
Don’t care about rumours, don’t care about lies
Care about a friend, no compromise

I say it loud without no doubt
I’m proud of the crowd and that’s about
About a beat that spins you around
Get up, stand up, move to the sound

The last high five, hip hop hooray
Ready for the show, let the music play
Your support is taking me high above
So let me feel your love